Tesis project - slots network

Website built with PHP/MySql, creative design, automatically updated on daily or weekly bases

Slots network

Project Detail

Website is part of a network for different languages.
All content and settings are editable in admin area.
Whole network is updated daily - cheking for new games, partners, etc. parsing content from main server.

NO plugin used on this site, all is produced by myself, like loading content with ajax on scroll, boxes on home page that are expanding on mouseover, optimized integration of Social media: social media are called after few seconds after page is loaded to not overwhelm loading time, ...


  • using cloacked URLs (URL masking)
  • daily updates through cron job
  • calling API from main server for updates
  • contact antispam form with validation 
  • live search
  • load content on scroll


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Ajax
  • JavaScript (jQuery)
  • HTML5&CSS3
  • Design
  • SEO Optimization

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