I am enthusiastic, ambitious, creative and very dedicated web developer. I just simply love what I do and I am very keen on learning new things.

Experienced Web Developer

Tereza Simcic - Tesis
Tereza Simcic Tesis
How to describe myself?
Full stack developer
PHP developer
LAMP developer
MVC OOP developer
MySQL developer

About Me

Education: BSc in Information Technology and Computing

University:Open University (UK)

High School:Natural Sciences

Main fields: Digital Communication, Object Oriented Programming in C++ and Smalltalk, Relational Databases(IBM DB2, Sybase SQL)

Started with PHP and MySql in 2004...

The areas of my expertise are PHP development, using MySQL, Javascrip (jQuery library mainly), Ajax, etc.

Since 2007 I work on Linux (Ubuntu distro mainly), using Windows only for special cases

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I'm A passionate and experienced web developer, proficient in PHP/MySql programming, object-oriented or procedural programming. My goal is to build perfect web application either from client or user point of view.

I love to develop web applications from scratch, but sometimes using framework or CMS systems turns out to be the best choice. I'm very keen on good coding practices, love beautiful code, with comments, and well documented, paying a lot of attention on performance and optimization, debugging and testing the code is an ongoing activity and general practice.

I used to work on large systems as well on simple web sites, building applications from scratch or using frameworks and CMSes, applying responsive web design (RWD), created email templates, web campaings, building gmail-like inboxes, as well as simple internal mailing systems.

The code is clean and validated in accordance with W3C standards to assure that the application is safe and bug prone-less, which I consider is 'a must'.

MVC OOOP PHP developer? I'm building my own PHP MVC OOP framework for my own pleasure, using most recent features and techniques available and implement them on most creative way.

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Supported by a strong Web Experience.


The code is well commented, and read just as easily as the generated documentation. Keeping track of changes with GIT version controlling, and using PSR-x standard.


PHP(OOP and procedural), MySQL(+PDO), HTML5, HTML, xHTML, XML, CSS2&3, Ajax, javascript, jQuery, conversion from PSD/FW/AI to HTML, experienced in Apache, and server administration

Debugging and Testing

Clean coding, validated according to W3C standards, using my own debugging tools, FB debugger when needed, simple testing tools along with TestUnits, performance and page speed tests.

Meet Tesis

Tesis Philosophy

Tesis is totally dedicated to provide you the highest standard of products and quality of services.

Tesis Vision

Tesis vision is to help businesses to achieve their objectives in most efficient way.

Tesis Mission

Tesis mission is to focus on high quality, timely delivery and cost effective solutions.

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Tesis Approaches

Web development approaches include strategical planning, designing, developing and implementing sophisticated business solutions. Bringing a project from inception to conclusion successfully means that the coordination and management of resources and requirements has to be done very accurately.

Steps in achieving the best results start with requirement gathering, creating visual concept, building site architecture, production, development, testing and delivering the project.

We are living in post PC-world and we need to provide the best possible approaches to satisfy the majority of nowadays users. From this point of view, starting with Responsive Web Desing (RWD) is a very wise solution: with this approach we ensure that the website will be as portable and accessible as possible and our users will be satisfied.

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