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About Tesis

I'm A passionate and experienced web developer, proficient in PHP/MySql programming, object-oriented or procedural programming. A vision is to build perfect web application either from client or user point of view.

My goal is to focus on high quality, timely delivery and cost effective solutions, having happy clients.

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Tesis Approaches

Web development approaches include strategical planning, designing, developing and implementing sophisticated business solutions.

Bringing a project from inception to conclusion successfully means that the coordination and management of resources and requirements has to be done very accurately.

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Tesis Services

Web development is the core part of any website and the goal is to provide all the features requested with a high quality code.

Tesis is proficient in frontend likewise in backend development and is totally dedicated to provide you the highest standard of products and quality of services.

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Current web applications

my framework

PHP MVC OOP Framework

a framework for building generic web applications with included admin area, where the user can manage different parts of content, including ...

tesina stran

Tesina stran - Laravel project

A laravel project in progress.The project is intoduction of my dog Tesi, and posts related to german shepherds.It supports slideshow, image ...

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Semantic Code

following W3C standards, SEO optimization and good coding practices, cross-browser compatibility(supporting all modern browsers, and IE7/IE8)

Safe code

Building safe databases, preventing sql injections using prepared statements(PDO library), regular testing and debugging


Codeigniter, Laravel, CakePHP, custom frameworks on request, my own MVC OOP framework, Wordpress, custom CMSs on request


converting PSD to HTML, AI to HTML, FW to HTML, PSD to WordPress conversion, basic graphic design skills, CSS styling, HTML coding

Geolocation&Google API

Find places by IP, get places by latitude/longitude, drawing maps and change them on the fly, getting user's locations

APIs Integration

APIs integration including social media: Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, or other APIs like paypal, geolocation, etc.

Website development process

  • Analyzing web application
  • Start from the Concept
  • Begin with web development
  • Testing web application and delivery
  • Maintenance of web application

Analyze web application

The first step a simple questionnaire about the purpose of the PHP application/website. It contains important questions about what you want to see in your website that helps to make first mock-up for your website, outlining the key elements of the web site

  • objectives and goals of the business to determine the goals and best strategies to achieve them
  • target audience: whom you want to communicate, what are the age ranges and interests of potential site visitors
  • brand requirements: what you want to communicate, what content will be needed
  • list of sections needed (Home page, About page, etc)
  • content/images and about copywriting requirements
  • content management system (what features should it have: user moderation, updatable news, ...)
  • list of competitors (providing URLs so we can make research)
  • preferred color scheme
  • what sites you find successful

Start the Concept

Consistency is the first rule that should be followed, it means applying consistent styles and use consistent methods throughout the site. From this point of view, there are listed steps of the process:

  • creating content inventory to account for all expected site content
  • sketching out a site design and architecture at an abstract level
  • building low-fidelity Wireframes for various pages of the website to initiate design discussions
  • conducting a task analysis to discover critical user needs and preferences
  • creating a Site Map Diagram based on usability requirements to depict the website’s optimal navigation and organization
  • evaluating usability through focus groups, user tests, and walkthroughs and use the evaluation results to improve the prototypes

Begin with web development

  • starting development of the website, using most appropriate tools and approaches to meet all the requirements mentioned previously
  • adding all the content
  • taking care of SEO optimization (optimizing images, content, using appropriate meta tags, titles, etc)
  • adding social marketing tools
  • evaluating functionality through testing, quality assurance, usability testing, and field-testing
  • using the evaluation results to improve the product and perform Quality Assurance Testing until all specified requirements have been met
  • final review of the presentation and features throughout the website

Testing web application and delivery

  • making final QA and check for possible errors
  • testing the complete functionality
  • testing SEO, title, meta tags, meta keywords
  • testing page speed, optimizing JS and CSS
  • performing cross-browser test to ensure the website is displayed well on all required browsers
  • uploading the content to the production server after your approval

Maintenance of web application

Optimization of your website such as title, description, keyword tags in order to achieve higher ranking in search engines.

  • adding Google Analitics, Google Webmaster Tools
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SES (Search Engine Submission)
  • Final code validation in accordance of W3C standards
  • Checking web application in main browsers and required browsers


Website development solutions

Strategy Solutions

Tesis will guide you throughout the first steps to get objectives of your website/application, helping with domain registration, suggesting host provider, provide you optimal strategy solutions for your business.

Pixel perfect design with optimization

Sliced designs are pixel perfect, including SEO optimization, as well as code optimization, CSS and JS optimization, defering or asynchronously loading JS and CSS resources, and taking care of Web Resposive Design on request, suggesting other solutions to get best results

Semantic code

Providing high code quality, implementing best PHP coding practices, following W3C standard, fully validated web applications, with cross-browser compatibility, implementing best development solutions

Fully dedicated 24/7 customer support

Tesis cares about your goals and objectives and from this prospective offers you continuous monitoring services and 24/7 support.

Tesis Skills

PHP & MySql